still from film

Link to film on VIMEO and record of film installation


Films in the Unentitled series record actions defined by confinement in a perpetual cycle of futile effort to break out of inhibiting circumstances.

Current work evolves through physical experiment in the studio, whereby the action, traced movement and mark making become inseparable; I am the subject of the image, the maker of the image, and the medium of the work. It is fundamental to the work that the artist is present - there is an acculturation through duration and a struggle with the difficulty of being active and present in the work.  The creation of sensations of bodily empathy suggests the expression of desires incited precisely by what cannot be obtained, by what is beyond reach.

My direct physical engagement in the work is as much a process of personal investigation - into how we constrict and limit ourselves - as into how the social, familial, domestic and political environments place limitations. These works are about the individual in the context of society and the community. They represent the struggle for fulfilment and self-expression, of finding our way out - often of our own preconceptions and prejudices - but also those imposed on us by others.