Tea Break split screen

Tea Break I & II presented on a split screen (view on VImeo)


Darren and I have been working together to explore concepts of constraint, confinement, resistance and adaptation. A common interest in how circumstances restrict and determine behaviour has led us to develop scenarios for movement within a network of stretched elastic. We have carried out research through five two-day workshops, also working with dancer Hannah Kidd. We set out a programme for each workshop and recorded all our work on video. This footage has been edited and shared and progress reviewed at the start of the following workshop. The Open Studios have shared this process and provided opportunities for us to get feedback before developing the work further.

We have researched pure movement within the elastic web, and explored the potential for task based movement. Tea Break I and Tea Break II are linked films in an ongoing series which bring humour to the sense of frustration and constriction. Through the Open Studios we have looked at how they are edited, presented and viewed. The two films are different lengths (29 and 18 minutes respectively). We have shown them as a pair on framed mini ipads. We are interested in how they work together, how the action coincides, and how viewers engage with the work on different scales.