Trial choreography

Dancer Hannah Kidd working on choreographed movement determined by the constraining elastic


One strand of our research has looked at the potential for choreographed movement based on recordings of Hannah working in the elastic. Darren has found that the process of exploration in the elastic with time and no pre-determined outcomes has opened up new avenues for choreography, with movement that could not have been arrived at in any other way. The film, Living Room is the last piece of work we did in our final workshop, and emphasises the psychological concepts in the work. The Open Studios enabled us to gain audience feedback about the film, installing it in the place where it was filmed, through a dirty window onto an exterior wall, and the accessible toilet at Metal.

The work stimulated interesting discussion, and film of the work at Metal and the conversation can be viewed on VImeo.

I thought, with being here, it made me think about domestic violence, and that the toilet is quite often a refuge in domestic violence...I really liked it, I mean I didn't like it......It's more restrictive than the other two films.

It's very disturnbing and feels very violent.